Digital VS. Traditional

This is an art exhibit open in the Main and West art galleries on Central Michigan University’s campus. There were a total of nine people who participated in the Digital VS. Traditional exhibit which was shown alongside the Natural Constructs exhibit.

A few artists had paragraphs you’ll see in the video which explain the reasoning behind their pieces. One being a brand’s identity zeroing in on nutritional granola bars, while the other one revolves around an artist’s home in China and how Artwork is depicted there almost exact, that piece takes up the entire wall which meant it was only viewable through images on the computer towards the end of the video.

However, this is an interview done with two of the artists; one that used an iPad, with a love for Sweden, whereas the other used oil pastels and had a part in designing a video game.

Both of the interviews were stepped into with a paper in hand of questions on not only the individual pieces themselves, but also the artists. Both were asked similar questions and different ones to create the finished story.

This video portrays current work along with persuasion from their own lives. It is meant to express the different futures both have, one with dreams of living and residing in Sweden, and the other of designing video games.

Both are incredibly cool, if there was a way for the video to have been shown as a Vlog (to that it was filmed this way) rather than a 3 – 4 minute snippet, it would have shows the numerous accomplishments and experiences of both of the artists.

For instance, Mick who has been to not only Sweden, but England, and got to tour the set of Doctor Who, mentioning both studying in Florence in the summer coming up along with traveling to Berlin (there are a few photos of her travels that were taken by her) among many other amazing places. Surreal to even fathom.

Bossman, has created a video game (that should be mentioned in the video) which is a virtual reality experience, some of which she’s helped create with her Computer Science team for disabled (both the blind and Deaf). The photos taken of her with the virtual reality device (also using a phone) on her head were taken by her parents.

Both Mick and Rossman mentioned their moms, one of which was not caught on camera due to it being chatted about afterwards. But regardless, it’s evident both’s mothers play a big role and influence in their work and lives (awe, that’s right, guess who’s mentioning this also because of Mother’s Day– you’re welcome for the reminder in case you forgot).

I hope you enjoy the video, it was a lot of fun making it and getting to know the artist’s and their current pieces.


Author: mystreetchic

Hello! My name is Natalie, a 20 year old whose had an interest in beauty and fashion ever since she can remember. I don't know why it never occurred to me to create a blog before, because I love writing, I love fashion, so why didn't I just go *claps hands* and put them together? I'm going to write about a number of things-- to put it blatantly, whatever I have thought on or feel like talking about. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy doing this.

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