Extras From Sugar Rush

Here are some extras from the interview I did a couple weeks back. Hope you enjoy them! 🙂


Candy Rush

Meet Colin, the owner of Candy Rush; a new shop slightly hidden in the town of Farmington. If you follow the arrows to the shop, it is easy to spot the store amongst others.

With candy buttons all generations are sure to recognize being the signature logo, this store is already making a mark in Farmington.

Hope you enjoy! 🙂

In-Class Video

Hi, these are a couple of videos I edited down to share a couple of stories. One is about a haunting moment while the other one focuses on a fraternity’s social media, along with an event called “rose of the week.”

Side note: I did edit out the actual story behind why the house was thought to be haunted (in case there are people that are sensitive to those types of things).

Social Media:

Haunted House:

A Twist on Technology

Dancing Days

An interview Daijelle Williams presents her love for dance, where it sprung from, and when it originated. She is the bubbliest, nicest human being and that shines through the interview, as well as in her steps.