Dancing Days

An interview Daijelle Williams presents her love for dance, where it sprung from, and when it originated. She is the bubbliest, nicest human being and that shines through the interview, as well as in her steps.




This is the post excerpt.

Central Michigan University is my College.

I am studying Journalism, I love new and old things–yes, that means I do read the newspaper (mainly comics though, I have to admit). Studying Journalism stems off my love for writing and figuring things out. I tend to attempt to figure things out before I ask for help, of course if it’s a situation that could cause serious consequences then absolutely I’ll let the expert take hold of it, haha. I love reading too, fun fact is I currently have an $80 worth stack of books waiting to be bought in my Amazon basket. I’ve always loved finding out the truth, and listening to other peoples theories, findings, or ideas to add or create my own.

Those are a few bits about me, I hope you like my blog. If not, thats cool the little red “x” is in the top corner (right or left depending on if you have a PC or Mac). ❤